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Swankity approached Barefoot Office with one simple task - get their new clothing line onto the web. We supported Swankity in developing the creative branding and adapting the design to a Megento e-Commerce powered site, establishing online advertising campaigns and providing technical support around hosting/email.

"Cas with Barefoot Office was amazing! He was able to take the concepts of a start-up custom apparel company and incorporate creative design and precise functionality to create a web site that has driven revenue while appealing to our customer base." - Stephanie Sanford, Owner of Swankity

No Hope No Fear Tattoo Art Studio

No Hope No Fear was in dire need of a web site overhaul. Our main objective was to provide them a site that would easily allow any of the artists to update their portfolios - the imagery needed to be the focal point as each artist adds new work weekly.

Barefoot Office consulted with No Hope No Fear to gain a true understanding of their audience and provided a custom designed site built around WordPress that allowed the flexibility the studio needed as well as the simplicity the viewers desired.

Heirloom Apple Trees

Design elements were important to this client - they wanted to portray a visually rustic site that matched their business of harvesting apples. Being a small operation, budget was a strong factor in scoping out this project. Barefoot Office was able to provide a custom designed site that provides maximum search engine visibility while staying within the client's budget.

Get It Right, Inc.

Sometimes it's the little things we do that create long-term relationships. Josh of Get it Right needed a way to get his business message online quickly. The solution needed to accommodate weekly blog updates as well as offer the flexibility of a CMS to manage content. After working with a designer over a three-week period trying to integrate a Drupal site, the progress was non-existent. Barefoot Office stepped in and our team was able to turn around a completely customized WordPress site in just under two days!

Adventure Sports Scuba

Ron of Adventure Sports knows everything there is to know about scuba diving, but the shop needed help getting their bearings on the Internet. Barefoot Office initially provided the support to modify the existing WordPress design and trained the shop on how to make content updates. Once a usable site was present on the Internet, Barefoot Office helped establish their online business strategy (specific to the dive industry), which included email marketing, social media branding, and online advertising.

Adventure Sports has seen a 30% increase of traffic to the web site, which has directly translated into an increase of in-store purchases and class attendance over previous years.

Wellness Chiropractic Center

Joan Schultze has been working with patients for nearly 30 years and is one of a handful of chiropractors in the Pacific Northwest that practices BodyTalk™. Barefoot Office met with Joan to discuss what elements of her practice that she wanted to attract more patients around and set out to design a new web presence for her business.

A custom site design was delivered to match the soft and relaxing color scheme of her office. Search Engine visibility was top priority for this project, so all of the content was organized for optimal indexing.


Joey Jernigan had a unique vision - a web site that would allow users to enter in what construction equipment they needed to rent and provide them quotes within hours from nearby rental offices that had the equipment available. Barefoot Office mapped out all of the functionality the client was looking for and went to work creating a custom application to do just that!

Barefoot Office was able to provide a user expience that was easy to navigate as well as a content framework that provided clear taxonomy of all the equipment categories. A custom dashboard allow the client to update every aspect of the site and administer all of the user transactions.

Cas & Rachel's Wedding

There are so many things to coordinate when getting married - especially when 75% of the guests aren't local! Cas and Rachel wanted a web site to help communicate all of the information around their upcoming wedding.

Barefoot Office provided a WordPress driven web site that provided scheduling information for the event and sightseeing and dining tips for new visitors to Portland. The site was also built with fully branded E-mail Marketing support to communicate updates to the guests in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Cas and Rachel continue to utilize the web site to share photos from the event with all of their guests.

Taking Shape For Life

Michael Luce had a great idea to promote healthlier lifestyles for his fellow ATU Transit Union members and Tri-Met employees and needed a web presences to help communicate his message. Like many clients, he had a "web guy" that was helping him out, but he wasn't able to provide a web site that matched the vision of the program.

Barefoot Office worked closely with the client to develop brand identity for this competition, which included a custom logo and site design. All of the information provided was organized in a usable manner that allows visitors to quickly find out everything about the competition.

Nexus Wine Brands

Nexus Wine Brands out of Denver specializes in distributing amazing wines from around the world that don't carry a hefty price tag. When they approached Barefoot Office, Nexus Wine Brands lacked a central site to feature all of the individual brands they represent. The client also needed an easy way to make site updates as they didn't staff a web developer.

This project turned into more than just a simple site design. Starting off the project Barefoot Office helped redesign the company logo and provide direction with online branding. We also provided technical support in consolidating their hosting profile and DNS management for all of the domain names held. The site that was delivered is WordPress based to allow the users to easily make content updates.

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